Audio Visual Technicians For Hire

Looking for sound engineer hire? At The Ray West Agency, pride ourselves in sourcing only the best sound engineers for hire for our clients around the world. Hiring a sound engineer through us is easy and you can be sure that your guest and client events will go off without a glitch! With years of experience under their belt and solid references you can be sure you’re hiring a talented individual to join your entertainment or animation team. 

Hire Light and Sound Technicians

The Ray West Agency is your one-stop shop for all your Light and Sound Technician needs! We have a wide variety of Light and Sound Technicians for hire, so you can find the perfect one for your events team or theatre production. Hire a Light and Sound Technician with us today and rest assured that your sound and lighting will be fantastic this coming season!

World-Class Event Lighting Engineers For Hire

Event lighting can make or break an event. At The Ray West Agency, we have a wide range of event lighting engineers to choose from to help make your event one to remember. They can handle everything from small events to large theatre shows and musical productions and are proven experience in the industry so you know you’re hiring the best. 

Stage Lighting Technician Required? 

The Ray West Agency offers top-notch stage lighting technicians waiting for their next gig whether local or overseas. We’re well connected with teams of experienced professionals who are experts in stage lighting who can help with your stage lighting for one off productions or ongoing shows and performances for guests. They can use the latest technology and equipment to provide spectators with the best possible experience during the show or event. Contact is to find out who’s available to start immediately.